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US date for SH: Shattered Memories

Early December for horror Wiimake.

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Konami has announced that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will be out for Wii in the US on 8th December, with PS2 and PSP versions to follow later.

Shattered Memories is Climax's attempt to re-imagine the original survival horror game on new platforms with considerably different mechanics.

There's regular third-person camerawork, for example, and controls that make use of the Wiimote as a flashlight, and perhaps most significantly there's no combat.

On the other hand, Climax has also hung onto key elements like Akira Yamaoka's soundtrack, which ought to at least partially endear it to fans.

Check out our recent Silent Hill: Shattered Memories hands-on to see what else the developer has in store, and look out for an import review soon.

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