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US Air Force to buy 2200 PS3 units

For crazy supercomputing research.

The US Air Force is fast becoming one of Sony's most loyal customers with plans to purchase 2200 PS3 consoles.

That's according to a Government document (spotted by Information Week) stating the consoles will be for use by the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, New York.

The lab uses PS3s to carry out supercomputing research and already has 336 of them. Scientists are trying to find out if technology which makes use of the Cell processor could be used for military purposes. They use the consoles for multiple radar image and high-def video processing, plus research into "neuromorphic computing" - building computers which act like real brains. AAAAA.

The Department of Defense initially signed off $118,000 for this research, but a further $2 million was set aside in June. Enough change for a few copies of Uncharted, then.