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Uncharted Trophy support introduced

First Blu-ray title to receive support.

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Naughty Dog has patched duck-and-cover platform favourite Uncharted: Drake's Fortune to include Trophies.

The patch allows you to unlock 48 shiny metal rewards including the first ever platinum one - earned by gathering the 47 others.

As with other games receiving post-release Trophy patching, however, you will have to begin the game again to start collecting them.

According to Naughty Dog, the Trophies in Uncharted map to the game's existing "medals" system, so if you unlocked those the first time through you will at least know where to look when you go Trophy-hunting.

For those who can't remember, or can't be bothered to work it out, the newly minted has a full list.

Trophies - similar to Xbox 360's Achievements - were introduced in the PS3's 2.4/2.41 firmware and allow developers to incentivise various tasks within a game.

Uncharted is the first Blu-ray title to offer support through a patch, but various developers have pledged to do likewise, including Criterion with Burnout Paradise and Incog with Warhawk.

At the moment, you can also compete for Trophies in Super Stardust HD and PixelJunk Eden.

To see why it might be worth playing Uncharted again, check out our Uncharted: Drake's Fortune review. Alternatively, you could pick it up brand new for less than GBP 20 now it's part of the PS3's Platinum range.

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