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Ubisoft just updated the ending of Watch Dogs 2

And it may tease a future setting.

Watch Dogs 2 has been updated with a new scene that plays out after beating the game - and some fans think it teases a future location for the series.

The change comes as part of a 10GB patch (14GB on PC) which updates the game's world with new areas, fresh dances and emotes, new clothing and other bits and pieces to prep Watch Dogs 2 for its incoming season pass content.

Everyone gets all the extra content regardless of whether they buy the season pass or not - and a friend can enable you to play through it all in co-op without buying it yourself.

Ubisoft's new ending scene takes the form of a recorded phone conversation and comes right after Watch Dogs 2's final hacker broadcast which summarises the game's ending - so take care watching it below if you have yet to beat the story.

Alternatively, here's the phone conversation in text form:


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It's not the conversation itself but its title - a set of co-ordinates - which has fans excited: 51.462014, -0.112504

Tap them into Google Maps and you get... Brixton, London. Could this be the setting of Watch Dogs 3?

Watch Dogs 2's DLC seems to be set entirely in the base game's city of San Francisco, so it seems unlikely to be related to that.

Ubisoft has a history of teasing future Assassin's Creed settings within its game. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag included a list of possible locations - including the follow-up's French Revolution setting. Watch Dogs 2 even included a tease for an unannounced Ubisoft franchise.

The addition of this tease comes at an interesting time, too. This week, Ubisoft reassured investors concerned about Watch Dogs 2's lower-than-expected launch sales. The game had a "soft" launch, Ubisoft admitted, but it has continued to sell every week. Crucially, the publisher said it was happy with franchise as a whole - something it was unlikely to say if Watch Dogs 3 was off the cards.

In other Watch Dogs 2 update news, players have been poking around the map's new areas added by the patch. Ubisoft has declined to list which areas have been updated or expanded - leaving players to go explore. Already, people have found this yacht - presumably the staging ground for one of the DLC's missions:

And then there's this collection of shacks, newly appeared:

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But perhaps my favourite addition in the patch is the arrival of new dances, unlocked through specific outfit combinations. Fresh Prince fans will recognise this one:

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