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Watch Dogs 2 - Driver SF app explained and where to start each taxi mission

Looking to ferry people around San Francisco? Try one of these.

Driver SF missions in Watch Dogs 2 are not the ability to play Driver: San Francisco in the game (as neat as that would be!) but is a series of optional objectives where you take the role of a taxi driver for citizens across San Francisco.

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What you need to know about Driver SF missions in Watch Dogs 2

They're all unlocked automatically and visible on the Nudle map display, and are a pretty handy way to get quick Followers and money in Watch Dogs 2.

There are two types - yellow missions and green missions. The yellow missions - documented below - have specific requirements and storylines attached. More will unlock as you play, including green missions, which appear to be randomly generated and are simply point-to-point objectives.

To start a mission, pull up the app and scroll through the list of available missions. Each one will give you the same number of rewards - between 6,600 and 11,000 Followers and $2880 and $9600, depending on the star rating - and you can also get get Followers as rewards the more stars you accumulate:

  • 10 Stars - 8,000 Followers
  • 21 Stars - 12,000 Followers
  • 35 Stars - 18,000 Followers
  • 50 Stars - 25,000 Followers

The game will do a good enough job explaining what to do, so while the descriptions below look brief, use this guide as a means to pick and choose the most interesting ones if you fancy investigating them, though we explain how to perform well so you don't drop any precious star ratings.. Some require specific vehicles types, too, which are explained below.

Driver SF missions in Watch Dogs 2

Just Making a Living
Description: Get a car - something quick is recommended - and go and collect Roman. When you drop him off you'll be ambushed and need to escape your pursuers, but they're not very dedicated and should be easily given the slip.

Description: A quick car is useful here too. Pick up your fare, drive him to the first two destinations, and then at the third be prepared to make a quick getaway. There's quite a lot of luck involved here - if the police happen to be nearby then you're in for a protracted chase, but if there are none around then you'll get away scot free. Head to the destination to end the mission - the quicker you can get back after the explosion the better your rating.

Treasure Hunt
Location: South San Francisco
Description: Another mission where speed is of the essence. Pick up your ride and drive her to the assorted locations as quickly as you can.

Daredev!l Liv! and Liv Again
Location:North San Francisco
Description: A sports car is your best option for this - you need something fast but reasonably durable and with decent ground clearance at the nose, and performance cars may catch on the ramps or fall to pieces.

The objective here is to get as much air time as you can, so not only do you want to hit the actual jumps on the route as fast as possible, also make use of the hilly streets - every second counts. There's no time limit for the route as a whole so it's worth taking a bit of time to line up for the jumps as it's entirely possible to end up on the roof of an apartment block if you're off course.

Johnny, Where R U?
Location: Silicon Valley
Description: No particular car requirements here as long as it's not painfully slow. Head for each marked area in turn, and when you reach the final one follow the directions to the goal.

HAUM's Dirty Laundry
Description: Any reasonably fast car will do, and this is a simple drive.

Description: This ride turns into a checkpoint-based race against some Nudle cars, so anything faster than a bus will probably do!

Expectant Fathers
Location:North San Francisco
Description: Take the panicking guy to the hospital to witness the miracle of birth. It's a really short trip (he probably could have walked it and still been in time) but you need to be heavy on the gas.

Fragile Cargo
Description: Doesn't matter what you turn up in as they supply a vehicle. Don't make any foolish moves while you make your way to the museum and you'll be fine.

A Hoopless Situation
Location:Blume Arena, Oakland
Description: An uneventful trip on a tight schedule, but if anything it's even shorter than the last.

Every Day is Friday
Description: This guy is taking a trip of an altogether different kind. He's in no great hurry to get where he's going, but he's also stinking out your car...

Location:Storm Drain, North Silicon Valley
Description: You'll need an off-road vehicle for this one. Follow the drone along the dirt paths until it crashes.

Want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from all finding all Key Data locations, unique vehicles and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfit, through to tips on races, ScoutX, Driver SF and multiplayer. We also have walkthroughs on Trophy and Achievement specific side-quests Ubistolen, $911 and Shadows as well as how to get more Followers and how to make money.

Gone Phishing
Location:West San Francisco
Description: Off-road vehicles are best suited for this as it involves driving along the beach. The biggest problem isn't keeping up with the boat, it's avoiding hitting people on the way - getting the police involved is not advised.

Late Wedding
Location:Sutro Tower, south San Francisco
Description: Hardly an elegant way to be transported to your nuptials, but she's in a big rush. Just get her there in one piece! This is a quick and easy one and a good way to get Followers / Cash.

Lost in Translation
Location: South East San Francisco
Description: Miscommunication, technical failures, and cultural differences make this a journey full of wrong turns -- head for each of the dud destinations as quick as you can until you both come to an understanding.

Get Back In the Game
Location:South east San Francisco (Nudle Park)
Description: Multiple destinations. Use the map to set a waypoint for each, starting with the on furthest away. Once you've visited all three, hurry back to the baseball stadium.

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