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Watch Dogs 2 Trophies and Achievements list - How to unlock every achievement and get Platinum

How to get every Trophy and Achievement in Watch Dogs 2.

While Watch Dogs 2 doesn't have a traditional progression screen, the game's Trophy and Achievement list gives you a good breakdown of the many activities in the game and which ones you should be focusing on.

Despite the amount of side-activities and size of the world, the Watch Dogs 2 Trophies and Achievements List isn't that intimidating, requiring you to complete every main mission, some select side activities and perform some random acts out in the world - including petting dogs and getting photobombed - which means it won't hopefully take that long. Good luck!

Note: With the multiplayer currently unavailable at launch, certain Trophies cannot be unlocked, and as such, the Platinum is unattainable.

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[4K] Watch Dogs 2 PS4 Pro Gameplay - First Look/Analysis

Watch Dogs 2 Trophies and Achievement list

TrophyValueHow to unlock
Graduation DayPlatinum / No AchievementUnlock all the other trophies.
Who Am IBronze / 10 Achievement PointsComplete story mission Wipe Your Profile.
Put Your Damn Pants OnBronze / 15 Achievement PointsUnlocked through story progression.
MenaceBronze / 20 Achievement PointsBuy any two handed weapon (shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, etc) from the 3D printer. Our how to get money fast in Watch Dogs 2 may help if you're struggling to get the funds.
In StyleBronze / 10 Achievement PointsBuy the Gatorfeet Whine Country footwear from Plainstock - there are stores at Pier 39 and Stanford University, and elsewhere.
DesSec-A-RoniBronze / 10 Achievement PointsTake a ride on a tram (you can find one at Union Square). The open area at the front should give you a "Ride" option. The Trophy pops when you jump off.
Only God Can Judge MeBronze / 10 Achievement PointsBuy a t-shirt from the vending machine at Nudle. There's a fast travel point inside the campus, so just go to the corner and purchase.
DoggylandBronze / 10 Achievement PointsPet 10 dogs, although you can actually pet the same dog 10 times which is much quicker! You can see them mostly round parks.
PhotobombedBronze / 10 Achievement PointsGet photobombed in a selfie - use your camera in any busy area and this will be almost unavoidable.
A Ride To RememberBronze / 10 Achievement PointsTake a ride in a unique vehicle. The easiest one to find is probably the Flip Wagon, located directly north of the central path in the Painted Ladies park - switch to NetHack and it should show up.
Bad BoysBronze / 10 Achievement PointsHijack a boat. Head to one of the piers dotted around the coast, grab a boat, and look for someone else out on the water. Jump overboard, climb onto theirs, and take control.
Something to RideBronze / 10 Achievement PointsHijack a bus that's on the streets - shouldn't be hard to find one.
ResearcherSilver / 30 Achievement PointsCollect all the Key Data hidden around the world; see our Key Data locations page to get these ticked off.
Smooth FelonBronze / 15 Achievement PointsGet to felony level 5 and successfully lose it. Our tip is to head for the large brick building south west of Pier 39. Find one of the nearby scissor lifts, hoist yourself to the roof and then take up position on the western edge of the building. Mow down a few civilians to get the police to turn up, and they'll all handily congregate on the narrow street below where you can easily pick them off, and if they lob a grenade you have plenty of room to back away. Disable any choppers that start getting involved, and keep working at the police until you get a level 5 alert going and then head for the small gap shown in the centre of the screenshot below. You may have to disable the odd chopper or two while you wait for the heat to die down, but there's a very narrow range they can spot you from.

Want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from all finding all Key Data locations, unique vehicles and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfit, through to tips on races, ScoutX, Driver SF and multiplayer. We also have walkthroughs on Trophy and Achievement specific side-quests Ubistolen, $911 and Shadows as well as how to get more Followers and how to make money.

Neutralize 1 Hunter in Bounty Hunter mode (online). You should be able to get this fairly quick by jumping in from the multiplayer phone app, which our Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer guide can help with.
Miniroadtrip!Bronze / 10 Achievement PointsDrive 4km in the Merengue, obtainable from Total Motors in Prescott.
Knock You OutBronze / 10 Achievement PointsTake down 30 enemies who are unaware of your presence - a melee attack from behind works well. You should get this over the course of the story, and if not, do side missions and infiltrate restricted areas all over the map - there are no shortage of enemies to take down.
Jump AroundBronze / 15 Achievement PointsDo a 140m jump in a vehicle. We unlocked this during the Marin Madness motocross race - the final jump is somewhat epic, and with enough speed and decent aim you should achieve this easily.
Earn Your Sea LegsBronze / 10 Achievement PointsDo a sailboat race. You can find out how to unlock and succeed at these with our Watch Dogs 2 races article.
RoboteerBronze / 5 Achievement PointsHack a robot. Unlock the 'Robot Exploits' Research in City Disruption.
Third Time's the CharmBronze / 10 Achievement PointsPerform three little jumps in a vehicle. This one will likely unlock during the last phase of the Cyberdriver mission, but if not it can be achieved by doing any of the motocross races. Otherwise, find any hilly area in the country and drive around and you should get it.
Hold My HairBronze / 10 Achievement PointsThis requires a lot of luck - hang around outside a bar with your camera out, and sooner or later an obliging drunk will show up. If you hear it before you bring your camera out, you've probably missed it, so hang around and have it ready.
Let Me RideBronze / 20 Achievement PointsTravel 200m on top of a car by hacking it with the Vehicle Direction Hack research node. You need a straight bit of road without too much traffic for this - climb on top of a car and use the vehicle hacking to send it forwards until the trophy pops.
One of the GangBronze / 10 Achievement PointsComplete 5 DedSec Events (online). You can find these across the world, which our Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer guide can help with.
Natural Born KillerBronze / 10 Achievement Points
Please Marcus, Don't Hurt ThemBronze / 10 Achievement PointsSuccessfully neutralise 5 fugitives in Bounty Hunter mode (online). You should be able to get this fairly quick by jumping in from the multiplayer phone app, which our Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer guide can help with.
Hold My HandBronze / 10 Achievement PointsSuccessfully complete an online Co-op Operation - team together with a friend in the multiplayer app and simply complete one of the Cooperative Operations available.
Feeding FrenzyBronze / 10 Achievement PointsUnlock the APB Suspect Located research upgrade, and head for the Doobie Donuts shop near to the Tie Dye Dude Kiosk north west of Painted ladies and put out an APB on the donut guy. If he's not there, come back later.
Troll'rBronze / 10 Achievement PointsSuccessfully invade another hacker (online). You should be able to get this fairly quick by jumping in from the multiplayer phone app, which our Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer guide can help with.
ShutterbugBronze / 15 Achievement PointsTake 25 ScoutX location pictures - the article linked there can help you find the easiest ones.
One-Man GarageBronze / 20 Achievement PointsBuy 25 cars in car dealerships. They're quite expensive - our how to make money fast in Watch Dogs 2 piece can help you save money - and just go for the cheapest ones throughout.
Pimp My eKartBronze / 10 Achievement PointsUnlocks whilst playing the eKart Challenge side mission, which we explain in our Watch Dogs 2 races page.
App'ing AroundBronze / 5 Achievement PointsDownload all the apps in the App Shop. Just go to the store and grab them all, won't take a moment.
I Get AroundBronze / 10 Achievement PointsDo a drone race. You can find out how to unlock and succeed at these with our Watch Dogs 2 races article.
Ain't No StoppingBronze / 10 Achievement PointsDo a motocross race. You can find out how to unlock and succeed at these with our Watch Dogs 2 races article.
The FoxSilver / 20 Achievement PointsFinish the Shadows side mission.
Joined the Mile High ClubSliver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish mission Hack teh World.
Picking Up the PiecesSilver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish mission Looking Glass.
Baby I Got Your MoneySilver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish mission False Profits.
Knight RiddenSilver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish mission CyberDriver.
No Place Like HaumSilver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish mission Haum Sweet Haum.
InformerSilver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish mission Limp Nudle.
100% LegitSilver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish the $911 side mission.
HypnotizeSilver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish mission W4tched.
Old School JusticeSilver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish mission Eye For An Eye.
SabotageSilver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish mission Hacker War.
Make Every Voice CountSilver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish mission Power to the Sheeple.
The Itsy Bitsy SpiderSilver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish mission Robot Wars.
You're On a Boat!Silver / 40 Achievement PointsFinish mission Shanghaied.
Leaks and LeaksBronze / 20 Achievement PointsFinish the Ubistolen side mission.
Hack the WorldGold / 50 Achievement PointsUnlocked through story progression.