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Watch Dogs 2 - Ubistolen, $911 and Shadows side missions, how to unlock '100% Legit', 'Leaks and Leaks' and 'The Fox'

How to complete three of the more interesting and achievement-specific side-missions in Watch Dogs 2.

As well as the Main Operations, there are a variety of Side Operations that unlock through playing the story or exploring the world with the NetHack vision.

Unlike other Side Operations, while these are completely optional, two specific missions will get you some Trophies. Here's how to complete the Ubistolen and $911 side missions to unlock the '100% Legit' and 'Leaks and Leaks' Achievements. Once you're done, you may also be interested in these other side-missions:

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How to unlock: Scan the informant near Stanford, outside liquor store opposite Torque Rat Bike Shop.

Steps to complete:

Hack the guy outside the liquor store to eavesdrop on his conversation then head for the parking lot behind Ubisoft's offices.

Climb up the crates in the back corner and make your way up to the roof, hack the panel, and use the cameras in the office to hack the two PCs - one is in the main office, and one is in a small room to the far right of the first camera.

It's one of the more interesting missions because it is rumoured to leak a real world Ubisoft game, which we delve into below:

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How to unlock: Scan the informant in the Tenderloin, inside the restaurant.

Steps to complete: Our tip is to get the Quadcopter before you do the following steps.

Bad Intentions:
Talk to the contact and then head for the marker to hack the phone. It's in a restricted area, so using the quadcopter makes life a lot simpler.

Swap Meet:
Send the jumper under the truck and jump inside the far end and hack the phone inside.

Enter the underground structure and make your way downstairs - there are a couple of guards upstairs, and a couple downstairs - and then hack the panel in the small store room.

Distract the guard via the camera, and then make your escape - the doors will be out of action for a minute or so while the power is out so you may have to wait around before you can actually get out.

You can get a taste of the Shadows mission - with some strong spoilers! - in our video on the ways Watch Dogs 2 and the original game connect:

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How to unlock: Unlocked over the course of the main story missions.

Steps to complete: We'd recommend unlocking the Machine Control, Explosive Detonator research nodes, as well as purchasing the Quadcopter, before tackling these steps.

Hubs and Authorities:
Chat to the crew to start the mission.

M$ Dollar Block:
When you reach the marker turn on NetHack and examine the "clues" in the area, and then set the area up to make your life easier. Move the forklift out of the way if you can, set a few traps, and then hide out of sight before setting events in motion.

This is why you want a clean getaway.

Once everyone's arrived it's vital you get out of there without being followed, so ideally you want to take out all the enemies and destroy their car before you leave.

Odd PCA:
Talk to Miranda.

Talking Smack:
Another setup scenario. Your goal here is to destroy three vans when they arrive, so if you can manoeuvre a few explosive barrels to the gate where they enter it's a fairly simple job.

Once they in place use the crane in the other corner of the area to give yourself a safe vantage point over the entrance, set events in motion, and trigger the explosion to get rid of the vans. You can then use the crane to drop you off safely near the coast and swim out of the area without being spotted.

Want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from all finding all Key Data locations, unique vehicles and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfit, through to tips on races, ScoutX, Driver SF and multiplayer. We also have walkthroughs on Trophy and Achievement specific side-quests Ubistolen, $911 and Shadows as well as how to get more Followers and how to make money.

The final setup scenario. There's less scope to be clever here - you can take out a few of the enemies by laying traps for them, but you'll still be left with a few to deal with manually. Clear them out, hop in the ambulance, and abandon it at the marker.

Jailbird Blues:
Head up through the main Alcatraz prison building and hack the panel. Once the enemies arrive take cover at the end of one of the rows of solar panels and deploy the quadcopter. Switch to NetHack and locate one of the hackable guards, grab the keycode to unlock the prison cell, and recall the drone.

Climb down the ladder nearest the prisoner and go down the nearby stairs. Distract or disable any guards patrolling nearby, open the cell door, and release the hostage - he makes his own way out so as soon as he's heading off go back up to the roof and run for the window cleaning platform at the end. Lower yourself down and make a run for the edge of the island - there are lots of boats moored around the place to use as a getaway vehicle.

(Note that we encountered a bug that caused the "Escape the island" objective area not to spawn - it seems to be caused by leaving the island too quickly, so don't get on a boat and leave until the area is marked otherwise you'll be left in limbo and have to restart.)