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Watch Dogs 2 unique vehicle locations - where to find Mountain King, The Dangerzone, Danger Mobile and more

Where to find some of the more interesting vehicles hidden away in Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 has plenty of cars, motorbikes and other vehicles to pilfer as you roam the world tackling missions, but some are more special than others.

All of the Watch Dogs 2 unique vehicles offer special decals and characteristics, and once you find them parked away in hard-to-find places, you're able to call them at any time using the Car on Demand phone app. Though you'll need just one to get the 'A Ride To Remember' Watch Dogs 2 Trophy / Achievement - the easiest of which is the Flip Wagon - it's well worth hunting them down the set.

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Watch Dogs 2 unique vehicle locations

Danger Mobile (Heavy Vehicle)

Location - In Yerba Beuna Island (middle of the map) head to the large building in the northern most part of the island with two slits either end. On the south side is the Danger Mobile parked up.

Characteristics -Bright yellow truck with 'Hazardous Transport' on the side. Leaves a trail of green smoke behind.

Flip Wagon (Standard Vehicle)

Location - In Painted Ladies (in south west San Francisco) go down an alley half way down a block north of the park. On the right is the Flip Wagon minivan, ready for the taking.

Characteristics - Described in-game as "A Bogen Bus with an exclusive paint job", this minivan has a painted decal and strong acceleration.

Ice Cube - Sports Car

Location - In Kirby Cove (in Marin), head to the Motocross event then go directly west, down the rocky cliff to within the ringed dirt path. On the north side (again, directly west of the Motocross event) is a campsite with the car waiting.

Characteristics - A fast care with a swish 'Red Thunder' decal on the front. Great handling, acceleration and speed.

Mountain King (Off Road)

Research required - Environmental RC

Location - In Lakeside Park (in Oakland) travel to the Hackerspace HQ, then cross the road opposite and run round the building to find an Auto Repair shop. Continue further up the ramp to find a locked gate and the Mountain King behind it. To get behind the locked gate, control the forklift truck by the Auto Repair shop with the Environmental RC research, and have Marcus stand on the fork. Now raise him over the gate, unlock the gate terminal on the opposite wall and drive out with the spoils.

Characteristics - Described in-game as "a wildebeest with an exclusive paint job", this looks just like one of the jeeps from Jurassic Park. If you honk the horn, a T-Rex growl will sound that'll scare off anyone nearby! Benefits from a strong top speed and durability, too.

If you enjoyed this Jurassic Park easter egg, then you might enjoy the many others in the game, which we discuss in our video:

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Rainbow Missile (Motorcycle)

Location - In San Mateo (north west of Silicon Valley), there is a restricted area behind the houses just south of the 'San Mateo' text on the map - if you drive on the road to the south, it should appear in the map. Enter by climbing over a wall, neutralise the robot and the guard, and take the scooter next to the house.

Characteristics - Described in-game as "a Molto Bene with an exclusive paint job", this is a bright coloured scooter with a small rainbow decal.

The Dangerzone (Performance Car)

Research required - Vehicle Direction Hack

Location - Between Stanford University and Nudle (in Silicon Valley) there is an building with a pink 'SVLR' on the south west side. There is a vent nearby; drive the Jumper through it into a garage. Hack the car inside, and reverse it into the wooden board behind to reveal a terminal the Jumper can hack. This garage and the one next to it - containing The Dangerzone - will unlock. To reach it, go round the north east side of the building to a car park, where you can head underground, where the garage is in the corner.

Characteristics - Very fast car with a grey urban camo decal. Described in-game as "a Baumteiger with an exclusive paint job".

Take the Jumper through the vent here...
...and you'll appear in the right garage. The red terminal on the right is exposed when you hijack the car and ram into it from inside.

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Wrecker (Muscle Car)

Research required - Vehicle Direction Hack

Location - In the Port of Oakland (in Oakland), go to about halfway down the northern-most ship. Inland, by the containers is a camera. Point it south and you'll see a car in an open container at the very top of the stack. Using the Vehicle Direction Hack, drive it out and down to the ground and jump in to unlock it.

Characteristics - Truck with flame decals, which is descibed in game as "a somewhat odd hybrid between a car and a truck, the Wrecker has surprisingly good handling"

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