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Twitch testing integrated charity fundraising feature

Currently in US-only beta.

Twitch is testing a new built-in charity fundraising tool to streamline charity streams on the platform.

Twitch Charity will allow streamers to select a charity, set a fundraising goal and collect donations from within the creator dashboard. Twitch does not take a cut of donations or receive any tax incentives.

The US-only closed beta is available now for selected streamers and for a limited number of charities, with the aim to roll it out globally across the platform soon.

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Twitch has partnered with PayPal Giving Fund for the tool to accurately track donations and send to a streamer's chosen cause with proof of receipt.

Donations are tracked in the stream activity feed and appear in chat alongside fundraising goals.

Twitch Charity Beta
The Twitch Charity Beta

"Charity streams are a core part of what makes Twitch a wonderful place," reads a new blog post.

"The generosity, the community, the sense of belonging and solidarity - it's a beautiful experience and entirely a product of the communities and streamers who make Twitch go 'round. We wanted to make these moments do even more good so, say hello to the new Twitch Charity Beta."

Charity streams have become a regular occurrence on Twitch.

That includes the likes of Twitch's own Twitch Stream Aid event from 2020, which raised $3m for the WHO's Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund, as well as record breaking fundraisers from streamers ZeratoR and Dach, who raised $11.5m for Action Against Hunger.

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