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Trading Standards cross with online shops

For selling adult-rated games to kids.

The UK's Trading Standards Institute is really not very happy at all about people selling violent games to kiddies over the Internet.

According to the BBC, an investigation found that 90 per cent of retailers tested by the Institute sold 18-rated games to under-age consumers.

The investigation was conducted by volunteers aged between 12 and 16, who were recruited by six Welsh local authorities.

The volunteers attempted to buy age-restricted games over the Internet, and were successful in 38 of 44 instances.

Traders who sell games to under-age consumers face big old fines and up to six months in prison.

The institute did point out that parents and guardians have "an important role to play in making sure their children are not playing unsuitable videogames".

However, executive Brandon Cook also warned that traders have "a responsibility to make sure they have methods in place to avoid breaking the law by making under-age sales".

He added, "If traders cannot be sure the person they are selling to is over 18, then they should not be selling."

Oh Internet, you are naughty.