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Total Recall Extended Director's Cut Blu-ray includes God of War: Ascension demo

Get your ass to Ancient Greece.

The Total Recall all singing and dancing Blu-ray.

The Total Recall Extended Director's Cut Blu-ray includes a God of War: Ascension demo, Sony has announced.

That's the Colin Farrell Total Recall, not the Arnie Total Recall. The Blu-ray launches on 26th December 2012. The game is out March 2013.

That demo is the E3 2012 single-player demo. The Blur-ray includes an insert with a voucher code to download the demo from the PlayStation Store.

The offer will be available in the following countries: UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Nordics, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel, Turkey and South Africa.

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