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Titanfall update four adds new features, Marked for Death mode

Balance changes, bug fixes and matchmaking.

Respawn has detailed the latest update for first-person shooter Titanfall, which adds new features, bug fixes and balance tweaks.

Update four adds a raft of new features to the game, including the new Marked for Death game mode.

Marked for Death sees a player on each team singled out for special attention. You need to kill the enemy mark while protecting your teammate.

To go along with this, Respawn is adding Featured Game Modes into the playlist rotation. These are game modes that will be available for a limited time only, and will be introduced periodically to replace any outgoing Featured Game Mode. The first is Marked for Death. Wingman Last Titan Standing will follow shortly after.

14 new Titan Burn Cards and Titan Insignias are added, as well as two new Titan OS voices: Jeeves and Lisa. There's more Titan VO as well, so you'll hear new warnings and observations.

Elsewhere, Respawn has made improvements to matchmaking and team balancing across all platforms. Teams are now rearranged just before the level loads to further balance for skill and player counts. Now, you'll be greyed out in the lobby until the teams are set.

And there are plenty of balance tweaks in the update, too.

In a post on the Titanfall website, Respawn detailed the changes to Pilot weapons and Big Punch.

"Some weapons, like the Hemlok, were barely being used while other weapons were slightly overpowered," Respawn said.

"We've done another round of balancing based on feedback we've received from inside and outside of the studio. We'll continue to listen to our community in regards to weapon/game balance and thanks for sharing all of your feedback with us."

For the update notes in full, head over to the Titanfall website.

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