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Three-part Life is Strange prequel confirmed

UPDATE: Chloe voice actor won't reprise her role due to voice actors' strike.

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UPDATE 13/06/2017 4.03am: The voice actor who plays Chloe, Ashly Burch, will not be reprising her role in this prequel. The reason: the recent voice-actor's strike.

“Hey y'all, to the fans asking - I wasn't able to reprise my role as Chloe in Life is Strange: Before the Storm due to the SAG-AFTRA strike,” she tweeted.

“Chloe means a lot to me. Grateful for the opportunity to consult on her character,” Burch added.

The SAG-AFTRA strike came to a head last year when throngs of professional voice actors declared more protection against being taken advantage of. Many notable voice-actors threatened to strike in September and when the union couldn't settle its terms with various video game publishers in October the strike officially went into effect.

ORIGINAL STORY 11/06/2017 11.18pm: Life is Strange's previously-leaked prequel has been confirmed as a three-part mini-series.

Titled as Before the Storm, it is the work of US-based developer Deck Nine, again, as previously suspected.

Scenes showed story moments set some years before that of the original Life is Strange series, when its main character Max was absent, when Chloe had not yet turned full blue-hair punk, and when missing teen Rachel Amber was still around.

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Other characters and familiar locations also recurred. It'll be fascinating to see how this mini-series fits in.

We'll have more on the game this week during E3.

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