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Life Is Strange bottle locations - how to find all five junkyard bottles

Locate every bottle, including the infamous bonfire bottle in the game's second chapter.

Finding the many Life Is Strange bottle locations is one of the more surprisingly challenging parts of Dontnod's episodic adventure, tasking you with a collectible hunt while delving through scrap cars and other waste.

Encountered during the game's second chapter, Chloe asks Max to find a series of bottles, including one deviously hidden next to a bonfire. Here's where to find them all.

If you came looking for bottle locations for Chapter 5, then that won't be on this page - you'll find those are found in our photo locations guide.

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Life is Strange bottle locations

1) Turn around from where you begin (or if you have wandered away, opposite of where Chloe is standing) and face the school bus. You'll see a bottle resting on top of a set of tires.

If you attempt to get it, it'll fall and break, so rewind and move the nearby crate over to make it yours.

2) From the above bottle (facing the school bus), turn right and keep the bus and the junk surrounding it to your left. You'll pass a boat, an old camera and a washing machine along the way.

Go a little further, and you can turn left. A bottle is resting on the car to the right of you.

Note there are photo locations very close to the above two bottles, if you're on the look out for them.

3) One bottle is resting on a boat in the middle of the junkyard.

To get on top of it, next to Chloe's position there is a path going up you can take.

There, find a plank resting, and move it so you can use it as a bridge.

4) At the opposite end of the junkyard from Chloe is set of train tracks, with a room next to it. A bottle is clearly in view once you step inside.

Life is Strange bonfire bottle location

The final bottle you need is one next to a bonfire, which Max will mention if you've spent a little too long hunting it down.

5) Stand outside the room mentioned above, and face the outside wall, so the train tracks are behind you.

If you stroll to the right, you'll see a small opening with some smoke billowing up. The bottle is next to this campfire.

Return back to Chloe and hand in your bottles to continue the chapter and get up to more timey wimey stuff.