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This Starfield player made an "unbeatable ship" that's all corners

Melt in the middle.

The unbeatable Starfield ship made of corners
Image credit: Morfalath

Starfield players are already having a lot of fun designing ships, but one player has managed to create the ultimate ship. It's just ugly as hell.

As redditor Morfalath discovered, the AI in the game always aims for the middle of the player ship. The solution? Miss out the middle.

That's why Morfalath created a ship that's all corners and "unbeatable".

Let's Play Starfield - Higs in space!Watch on YouTube

The image shared on reddit doesn't really do the ship justice. Morfalath also shared a video of the creation on YouTube.

From the outside it is absolutely humongous - in fact, Morfalath stated it's maximum size in length, width and height - but you can't deny it looks awful. It's the sort of blocky mess someone with no imagination in Minecraft would build (read: me).

It is function over style, however, at least in the air, making space battles a breeze - even if it's a little unwieldy.

Tour of the unbeatable ship [Starfield]Watch on YouTube

It's also a pain to get around: a confusing maze of near-identical blocks and endless ladders. How do you even find the cockpit to fly this thing?

Starfield has now hit six million players to become the biggest Bethesda game launch of all time. No doubt there will be plenty more strange player creations on the horizon.

For more on Bethesda's big space adventure and get your travels underway, check out our Starfield walkthrough.

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