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This Nintendo Switch deal includes Mario Maker 2, 12 months' Switch Online and a £30 eShop voucher for just £300

A bundle of incredible value.

A new Nintendo Switch deal is live over at Amazon UK and it's got to be one of the best value Switch bundles we've seen for some time.

Head over now and you can bag yourself a Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Maker 2 Limited Edition and a £30 eShop voucher for only £299.99.

It's listed as a £30 saving compared to buying everything separately, but when you tot up everything that's included you're actually getting a whole lot more for your money.

This well-designed bundle definitely deserves a like.

That's because the Limited Edition of Mario Maker 2 comes with a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online membership. Usually, a yearly subscription would set you back £17.99. Without Switch Online, you wouldn't be able to share your own courses with the world or download any created by others, which is one of the most fun and exciting features of the game. We'd call that near-essential!

So, with this bundle you're clear to test yourself on whatever wild, ingenious or downright silly levels have been uploaded. Or, you can put something devious together yourself and see what other players think of it. Either way, Super Mario Maker 2 is a joy according to Donlan.

The £30 eShop voucher is a terrific little bonus to go with it too, as Nintendo's digital store has a vast and growing array of wonderful gems to play - whether they're major releases or cult indie hits.

For such a great offer, it's surprising to see that it's not part of Amazon Prime Day 2019. The sales event may not start until Monday, but a few offers are starting to make their way online early. We'll continue to update you on all the best Amazon Prime Day gaming deals throughout the 48-hour discount extravaganza.

For any other bargains from across the web, do point your browser to Jelly Deals. Maybe you'll want to pair your new console purchase with one of our picks for the best Nintendo Switch SD card or get your hands on a Nintendo Switch stylus to improve your Mario Maker 2 creations?