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This dataminer reckons they know what's coming up in The Division 2's all-new raid

The best raid plans...

A dataminer believes they've uncovered what's coming up in The Division 2's first eight-man raid, Operation Dark Hours.

In a post on reddit (thanks, PCGN), kevindavid40 believes they have "managed to decrypt the game asset file" and lists, in astonishing detail, what they believe the raid will include. While we often see nefarious attempts to convince players of false "leaks", kevindavid40's claims are interesting given the astonishing detail they provide.

"Morning Agents!" kevindavid40 said. "I managed to decrypt the game asset file, and got more interesting info on the upcoming Raid. I'm just going to say it looks true hardcore end-game activity based on the size of the map, and the objectives involved in this Raid."

Naturally, these claims are currently unverified and may spoil the game for those still working through the main campaign, so please proceed with caution if you're sensitive to unsubstaniated rumours or spoilers.

According to the dataminer, the raid's objective is to get to Arlington Island. Agents will kick off at Ronald Reagan Airport, close to the Lincoln Memorial, and - "in no chronological order" - have to survive the assault on the bridge, find the stolen GPS coordinates, protect the named agent on your team, confirm the kill of the second hand Lieutenant, rendezvous with your team (which suggests you'll be split up, at least temporarily), survive the blackout attack, find the activation code, extract your team to safety, split teams and flank the target, stop the convoy from leaving the runway, and take out bombarders from high ground.

Amazingly, the dataminer even reckons they know what trophies/achievements are up for grabs, too; Relentless (for making it through the bridge in one hour or less), Extreme Measures (for having your most kills with Signature weapons), Reminder of Me (for killing any of the Hunters who killed you before), and Gone Baby Gone (for fleeing Interceptors in less than 2 minutes). I'll be honest; none of that sounds easy.

A subsequent edit to post adds details of a further mission, too - "Nighthawk" - although it's unclear what this might involve.

The Division 2 is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more concrete information about what's to come on The Division 2, Ubisoft recently outlined its Year One roadmap. Sadly, there are no plans yet to change the heartbreaking fact that no, you cannot pet the poor homesless dogs in The Division 2.

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