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This 240Hz gaming monitor from iiyama is available for just £205

From both Box and CCL.

iiyama have been making great monitors for decades, and their gaming monitors are always competitive with other big, flashier names when it comes to pricing and features.

This G-Master Gold Phoenix model is a 24.5-inch display with a fast 240Hz refresh rate, and it's currently down to just £204.48 at Box. It's also the same price at CCL Computers right now too.

This monitor has a full HD, IPS panel. That means you can expect great viewing angles whatever your setup is like, with no washed out colours or tinting like you get with TN displays.

The star feature is of course that 240Hz refresh rate. If you're packing a beefy GPU and CPU in your gaming rig, this will let you see more of the action as more frames will be pumped out for your viewing pleasure. This is ideal if you're into esports and competitive multiplayer titles where speed means everything, such as Rocket League, Fortnite, Call of Duty and DOTA 2. And with AMD FreeSync Premium, you can be sure to see little to zero tearing thanks to smoother moving images.

This is also great if you're an owner of a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S console. Those all support AMD FreeSync, and many games have optional performance modes you can select instead of visual quality. That means you'll benefit from high frame rates just like a powerful gaming PC.

If you're someone who switches between PC and consoles, you can keep everything connected thanks to DisplayPort and HDMI support. There's also USB connections here, a headphone jack and built-in speakers.

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