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These are some of the best Nintendo Switch deals right now

Including the best price for Crash Team Racing.

It's not always easy to come across some cheap Nintendo Switch games, so when we find a few gooduns they're usually worth shouting about. Here are some of the best Switch game deals out there right now!

First up, as it'll be leaving the starting line tomorrow, you can race away with Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled for £28.95 from Go2Games.

Anyone for a Crash Bash remake next?

As a PS1-era favourite of many, it's fantastic to see the grinning marsupial and his pals (or enemies) behind the wheel again. This remaster brings over everything featured in the original game, plus it adds a few new karts and tracks that have never been seen before.

Crash Team Racing is also available on PS4 and Xbox One for the same price.

Now, onto another animal who has an excessive desire to move at a pace quicker than normal. Yep, it's Sonic. His seemingly unnecessary but enjoyable kart-based spin-off Team Sonic Racing is just £26.99 from Amazon.

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While we're (kind of) in the realm of sport, you can get EA's perennial kickabout for cheap on Switch. Fifa 19 is currently at £22.00 at Amazon UK - that's one of the lowest prices it's ever been.

Speaking of series that will likely never end, we were sad to see that Ubisoft didn't kick off their E3 show this year with another eclectic dance performance to usher in Just Dance 2020. It's always a pleasant and baffling highlight in between all the shooty-shooty-bang-bang and EMPs of the latest entry in Tom Clancy's: Subtitle Goes Here.

Still, if you don't fancy waiting around for this year's excuse to bust some moves in the safety of your own home, Just Dance 2019 is £22.99.

The Switch version comes with a neat Ganondorf armour set.

And because it wouldn't be a Switch deals roundup without it, the best price for Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is £30.99. Still quite a premium, then, but being able to take that oh-so-compelling loot grind wherever you go should be quite something. Dangerous, sure, but so worth it.

Lastly, delightful strategy RPG Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is also temptingly cheap at £21.99 from Amazon, while Minecraft Switch is just £17.85 from Base.

Hopefully something there has caught your eye! If not, do give us a follow at Jelly Deals where you can find all the latest gaming bargains and much more, including all the best Nintendo Switch SD cards.

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