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There's an official Witcher 3: Wild Hunt mod editor in the works for PC

Triss is the life.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is getting a mod editor in 2024
Image credit: CDPR

The Witcher 3 team has announced a PC mod editor is in the works for Wild Hunt.

According to the official Witcher social media account, this editor will allow users to create their own experiences in the game "by making something completely new or editing existing quests and content".

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The team said the mod editor will release some time next year, but did not state any timeframe. It did, however, say when it does release it will be free.

"Stay tuned - we'll have more to share next year," the account closed.

In a follow up reply, The Witcher team confirmed this editor will not be available for consoles, and is "PC only".

But while details are still quite slim, fan reaction seems to be very positive, with many calling it 'fantastic' news and a big win for the Witcher series.

My favourite reply to this news so far, however, has to be the one in which a user replaced the image of Geralt on his horse Roach with the image of him riding on top of a massive fish. Because, of course.

Elsewhere in Witcher news, earlier this month we got our first look at Netflix's upcoming film known as Sirens of the Deep.

Doug Cockle - the voice of Geralt of Rivia in the video game Witcher series - will be reprising his role as the monster hunter for this animated adaptation, which is currently expected to arrive on the streaming service "late" next year.

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