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There's a new South Park game on the way

"Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!"

South Park Digital Studios logo in
Image credit: Nordic THQ Showcase 2022 reveal.

THQ Nordic rounded out its 2022 Showcase by teasing a new South Park game.

"As of today, THQ Nordic (HandyGames not included) has 43 games in development. Thereof 26 still unannounced AFTER this showcase," the broadcast confirmed at the end of the presentation. "Thank you for watching."

Moments later, though, the 26 is crossed out, and the text fades to the South Park Digital Studios logo - head to 55min and 11secs on the video below to see for yourself:

THQ Nordic Showcase 2022.Watch on YouTube

Nothing else is shown - the logo is all we see - but someone - Randy Marsh, perhaps? - shouts "Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot", groans, and adds: "Urgh! Oh… oh, it's coming!"

Moments later, we go back to the text and the 26 figure is replaced with 25.

Exciting though it is for South Park fans to know that a new game is on the way, nothing else is revealed, so as yet we don't know what the game entails, what platforms it'll be on, or even what year it'll be released. We also don't know whether or not this is the same game we've had teased before, although given THQ Nordic called it "unannounced", it's probably fair to presume this is a different project until we're told otherwise. As always, we'll keep you posted as and when we find out more.

Did you miss yesterday's THQ Nordic showcase? It was a surprisingly busy one, providing updates on previously announced titles like Outcast 2, Jagged Alliance 3, and Gothic, plus some big new reveals - most notably the return of Alone in the Dark - too. For more, here's a complete rundown of everything that was shown at THQ Nordic's showcase.

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