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There are 7 new levels and 30+ new skins on the way to Fall Guys season 3

Festive Guys.

There are seven new levels, 30+ new skins and "many more festive surprises" on the way to Fall Guys' upcoming season 3 update.

Developer Mediatonic tweeted the news over the weekend, adding that it had partnered with IGN for more exclusive season 3 reveals - which launches on 15th December - later this week.

Mediatonic recently dropped a tweet revealing four new upcoming costumes for Fall Guys. Unlike its last reveal - which showed a teeny, tiny peek of Fall Guys' all-new season 3 that hardly told us anything - this one displays the new costumes in their full glory, some of which boast a decidedly festive theme.

It's been a couple of months since Fall Guys' second season arrived, bringing a medieval flavour to its immensely popular knockabout action, but developer Mediatonic also recently shared its mid-season update, introducing various improvements, round variations, and an entirely new stage known as Big Fans.

As Matt summarised at the time, both Season 2 and classic rounds were recently refreshed, and there's a particular emphasis on medieval infusions, including spiky rollers and swinging scythes in hitherto familiar stages. Additionally, expect fruity surprises and gasp at Perfect Match's new wildly rotating pole - which looks as hilarious as it does mean.

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