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The Sims 4 just got 1200 new Build Mode item colour variants in a free update

Mixwell house.

EA has been in a bit of a revitalising mood for The Sims 4 of late, revisiting and improving a range of existing features, and that spirit of rejuvenation continues with the game's latest update, which adds a massive 1,200 colour variants to a whole heap of items.

In total, 149 Build Mode items from the base game have received new colour options as part of the update, including cups, curtains, windows, lamp shades, floorboards, action figures, bins, ovens (and other assorted kitchen appliances), plus a huge range of furniture - from bookshelves and coffee tables to chairs and beds.

A tiny sample of the new colour options, as denoted by the green dots.

The goal of all this, explains EA over on the official Sims 4 forum, is to "complement and enhance [the game's existing] assets so Simmers have more choices and have more use out of them". Certainly, if you've ever found yourself frustrated that you couldn't match your window box to your wastebasket in the past, your prayers may finally have been answered.

The full list of items to be given expanded colour options can be found in that same forum past, and there's an exhaustive set of images to accompany the news too.

Let's Play Sims 4 - Late to the Party.Watch on YouTube

While EA continues its programme of rejuvenatory tinkering on the seven-year-old Sims 4 - which has so far seen the addition of 100 new skin tones and expanded features for older DLC - the publisher shows no signing of slowing down the game's relentless expansion release schedule. This year alone has seen the launch of the Paranormal Stuff Pack, Dream Home Decorator Game Pack, Cottage Living Expansion Pack, and no less than five smaller-scale Kit releases, with two more of the latter - Fashion Street and Incheon Arrivals - due to launch soon.

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