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The Sims 4 is getting ready for a summer of sexy updates, starting with swimsuits

Plus Blooming Rooms Kit free on PC.

A Sims 4 screenshot showing a sexy man with a sexy six-pack doing a sexy pose in sexy speedos.
Image credit: EA

The Sims 4 is preparing for a summer of slinky, sexy free and paid updates according to its newly revealed roadmap, starting with a refreshed batch of swimsuits today.

There's not a huge amount to report on the free swimsuit refresh - they now come in more colours and varieties to better suit a range of body shapes and sizes - but EA notes it's also updated a few other summer-adjacent clothing items, including the tankini and wrap top, to usher in its season of sauciness.

As per the publisher's new roadmap reveal video, the next few steamy months will bring two free "stylish" updates, two destination kits, and one "flirtatious" expansion pack. Specifics are scarce, but we can make a few educated guesses based on EA's clues. The free updates, for instance, are accompanied by the text, "Polished my look for a sultry splash" - suggesting that, alongside today's swimsuit update, we might also be getting further enhancements to nails.

The Sims 4's summer of love trailer.Watch on YouTube

And as for those destination kits, the visuals accompanying this part of the video - as well as the text, "A little nectar led to a provocative plunge" - seem to be pointing toward kits themed around bars and public pools. The "flirtatious" expansion, however, remains largely mysterious, with the on-screen text - "Made waves, but we WooHoo'd anyway" - revealing little.

While we wait for EA to show its hand, Sims 4 players on PC can head over to the publisher's official store and pick up the plant-themed Blooming Rooms Kit - which normally costs £4.99 - for free until 31st May. This one's all about adding a bit of greenery to your Sims' lives, because what better way to prepare for the sexy summer ahead than with excessive foliage everywhere?

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