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The Sims 4 gets mini DLC packs, one of which makes your house dirty

Read it and sweep.

The Sims 4 already has a vast amount of DLC packs, ranging from bundles to large Expansion Packs, medium-sized Game Packs and smaller Stuff Packs, but now EA is introducing an even tinier type of DLC called Kits. And one of them will deliberately make your Sim's house dirtier.

Described as "mini collections of content", EA has launched three Kits - a Throwback Fit Kit full of retro gym clothing, a Country Kitchen Kit adding vintage kitchen furniture, and the weirdest one of all... the Bust The Dust Kit. This one adds dust to your Sim's home, and it's alive: if you don't sort out the dust piles, they'll spawn "friendly bunnies and dastardly filth fiends". Frankly, anything spreading mess in my house is no friend of mine.

Cover image for YouTube video
The Sims 4 Kits: Official Reveal Trailer.

Successfully cleaning up will get you some buffs and rewards, and the Kit also provides two new aspirations for your Sims: Filthy and Fabulous Sims will enjoy living in disgusting hovels, while Perfectly Pristine Sims will require regular cleaning. Thankfully you'll have a new collection of full-size and handheld hoovers to help with this task.

If doing imaginary cleaning chores instead of your real-life ones appeals to you, each Kit costs £4.99 - making them a little cheaper than the £9.99 Stuff Packs. The Kits themselves don't seem to have gone down too well with some in the Sims community, however, many of whom feel the packs don't offer a sufficient amount of content for the price. If you're a PC player, at least there's always mods and custom content.