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Monster Hunter Rise demo out now on Steam

Rise to the occasion.

PC players can now experience the Monster Hunter Rise demo.

Originally released on Nintendo Switch earlier this year, the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise is due out on 12th January.

The demo includes five quests: two tutorials, plus hunts to slay a Great Izuchi (beginner), a Mizutsune (intermediate), and Magnamalo (advanced).

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All 14 weapon types are available, so you can experiment with your favourites well in advance of release. The slaying quests can also be played in co-op mode.

The PC version also includes a number of additions compared to the Switch version, such as 4K resolution, graphics options, voice chat, ultrawide display support, and mouse and keyboard controls.

It's currently unknown whether your save file for the demo will carry on into the main game upon release.

Unfortunately, as previously reported, there will be no cross-play or cross-save functions between the Switch and PC versions of the game. That means no transferring save files and no teaming up with friends on another platform.

Our review of Monster Hunter Rise described it as "the Switch's best game since Breath of the Wild". On PC, with 4K resolution, it can only get better.

The Monster Hunter Rise demo is available now on Steam.

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