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The message that revealed Destiny 2's Guardian Games winner before the event ended was sent "erroneously"

"Warlocks won Guardian Games 2023!" Bungie said, before walking it back.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games
Image credit: Bungie

Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2's in-game message that announced Warlocks had won an event that hadn't yet finished was "erroneous".

Destiny 2's annual Guardian Games month-long event kicked off earlier this week, ushering in a little more "friendly competition" between the three classes, Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks. So it came as quite a surprise when Bungie deployed an in-game message to all players that declared Warlocks had won.

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"Warlocks won Guardian Games 2023!" the message stated. "Warlocks win! Warlocks earned the most medallions and won this year's Games! Visit the Tower for the Closing Ceremony."

Given the event isn't scheduled to end until 23rd May, however, players were quick to question the announcement, prompting Bungie to issue the following statement on social media:

"We're aware that an in-game message announcing the winner of Guardian Games was sent out erroneously," the studio said. "Guardian Games still have two weeks left and the winning class has not been officially announced yet.

For those not in the know, Destiny 2's Guardian Games runs from 2nd May until 23rd and gives players medallions for activities across the game, as well as two weapons. At the end of the event, the class that earns the most medallions will win.

ICYMI, Bungie is adding new accessibility options to Destiny 2, specifically for colour blindness. Season of the Deep, which is set to release on 23rd May, will include an option for players to amend the Enemy Targeted Reticle Colour that changes when aiming at an enemy, as well as new colour options for subtitles to ensure they're easy to read.

Bungie is also adding colour presets for Commendations, meaning players with colour blindness can still clearly see rewards.

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