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The Last Starship is the next game from the Prison Architect devs

Steam playtest available.

Introversion Software, the studio behind Prison Architect, has revealed its next game: The Last Starship.

It's a similarly styled sim game, this time taking place in space - obviously. Players will construct a spaceship and go on adventures across multiple, procedurally generated star systems.

The team is quick to note the game is not even in alpha yet, but has released a lengthy video showing off gameplay with placeholder art - give it a watch below.

Players will be given a basic ship they can kit out with reactors, engines, air supplies and the like, which are connected through pipes and fuelled with various resources.

From there, swapping to tactical view allows for space travel using an FTL drive to visit distant star systems. There players can access a tradeboard to buy and sell hardware, equipment, and fuel, plus take on contracts: mining, rescuing, transportation, and deliveries.

The video then jumps to later in the game, featuring two spaceships mining in the midst of an asteroid field. The ships contain multiple cabins and features, the game's main hook being to start off simply and gradually build up a fleet of various capabilities.

TV shows like Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek are cited as key influences for their impending doom and sense of adventure. Elite, Factorio, and FTL are major gaming influences too.

Introversion's plan is to release the game in early access, just as it did with Prison Architect. For now, anyone interested can join the playtest process on the game's Steam page.

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The Last Starship


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