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The HyperX Alloy Elite 2 gaming keyboard is nearly half price at Amazon


HP's HyperX brand sells some great gaming gear. However, it's usually their (excellent) headsets that receive the most attention.

Their keyboards are also high quality products, and the Alloy Elite 2 is a premium wired mechanical keyboard that's currently on sale at Amazon for just £69.99. That's nearly half off the standard £129.99 retail price.

This is a stylish mechanical keyboard with software-backed RGB lighting. There's also a signature light bar at the top to add even more jazz to your gaming setup.

But it's not a case of style over substance, as the ABS keys provide durability so that they keys can last much longer than a regular keyboard. And the HyperX switches are balanced to provide tactile feedback but with a short travel distance for each key press. There's also less need to reach for your mouse thanks to the dedicated volume scroller and media control keys.

The solid construction can be felt thanks to the steel frame, which doesn't make it feel light and flimsy. And the wired connection means you don't have to worry about input lag or lack of responsiveness, as a wired connection is always going to be the fastest form of communication between a peripheral and a PC.

There's also USB pass through support thanks to the included USB 2 port at the back of the keyboard. This makes it handy if you want to connect another USB receiver, or maybe even a wired mouse to your computer. It'll make your gaming setup a little tidier by having just one wire lead to your PC or laptop.

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