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The Division datamined, at least 26 missions in campaign

Plus hints at DLC.

The Division features at least 26 missions in its main campaign, according to data mined from the game via a new leak.

The Division's main missions.

Ubisoft's online shooter launches tomorrow, but the game can now be pre-loaded.

A user who picked through The Division's files has posted numerous details of the game to Reddit, including a list of missions.

The game's campaign appears to comprise at least 26 main missions, although a list found in the game's files also details a mission with three variants and another apparently part of upcoming DLC. The recent open beta included two missions.

Kill the Tank, named as "DLC01" in The Division's mission list, may refer to a mission coming as part of the game's paid-for season pass content - three drops are due over the next 12 months.

But it could just as easily be part of the game's free content roadmap, which will add in new challenges, end-game raid-like incursion activities plus player trading in April and May.

While on the topic of DLC, references in the game point to Brooklyn - an area seen in early versions of The Division but not accessible in the main game at launch. Fans have speculated this area is now being saved for a post-launch update.

But it's difficult to draw too many conclusions from the data - the game has been in production for so long, many things have changed which may still exist in the game's files.

For example, references to a fourth faction, a Russian group named "Bratva", may point to the antagonists of a future add-on (there are just three in The Division's main campaign).

Alternatively, it may just be leftover from early demos where a group named Bratva was indeed shown, along with drone gameplay which was later cut from the game.

The Division officially goes on sale tomorrow, although servers are due to spring online from 2pm UK time today if you have your hands on an early copy.

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