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The Division 2's day one patch is 90GB for physical edition owners on PS4

And around 50GB on Xbox One.

Ubisoft's online shooter sequel The Division 2 is mere days away from its March 15th launch now, but PS4 owners might want to prepare themselves for a bit of an extended wait before play can commence; the game's day one update on PS4 will weigh in at a mammoth 90GB.

That's according to a new official support page (as spotted by Game Informer) in which Ubisoft warns PS4 players who've opted to purchase The Division 2's physical edition that they should expect an 88-92GB download on launch day. "If you purchased a physical copy of the game, begin installing from the disc," it explains. "Provided you are online, your console will simultaneously download Title Update 1 while you install it."

Ubisoft also notes that the the final HDD install size on PS4 will be between 88-92GB, for both the digital and disc versions. In other words, it sounds like physical owners are essentially being asked to download the entire game from scratch when release day comes.

As listed on Ubisoft's support page.

It's obviously a whopper of a download (even Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's 50GB launch day patch, one of the larger in recent memory, looks positively dainty in comparison) although it's not entirely clear why. According to Ubisoft's same support page, Xbox One and PC players should "expect a 48-52GB download" on launch day, meaning that the PlayStation 4 update is, for some reason, almost twice the size of other versions.

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All of which is to say that you probably shouldn't bank on playing The Division 2 soon after launch if you've plumped for the physical release, regardless of platform. And if you're on PlayStation 4, you'll have plenty of time to, say, read a book or learn a language or transcend entirely to another plane, while you wait for your download to complete.

UPDATE: It appears there are some inconsistencies regarding day one download sizes across Ubisoft's support pages. This one, for instance, claims PS4 owners with physical copies of The Division 2 will require a 48-52GB download in order to play at launch (which is still a significant undertaking, mind). The final install size tallies with the support page listed above, however, weighing in at 90-100GB. I'll try and get some clarity on the matter from Ubisoft.

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