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Tech firm sues Sony and Nintendo

Claims wireless gaming was its idea.

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Texas firm Wall Wireless is claiming Sony, Nokia and Nintendo have infringed on one of its patents for wireless technology.

As reported by Edge Online, the patent was issued in 2003 and is titled "Method and Apparatus for Creating and Distributing Real-Time Interactive Media Content Through Wireless Communication Networks and the Internet".

Specifically, because that's just not specific enough, it covers "methods and systems that allow an operator to distribute messages having aural or visual content that is generated by the operator using handheld apparatuses such as mobile telephones".

Now Wall Wireless has filed a lawsuit alleging that the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS infringe on the patent, as do Nokia mobiles N81, N82, N93 and N95. The lawsuit also calls out Mario Kart, WipeOut Pulse and N-Gage title Reset Generation.

The company is seeking damages, costs, expenses, attorney's fees, pre-judgment interest, post-judgment interest and a lifetime's supply of lollipops. Probably not the last one.

"Wall Wireless has suffered monetary damages that are compensable... By no less than a reasonable royalty," the company claims.

Sony, Nintendo and Nokia have yet to comment, and probably won't bother.

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