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Team Fortress 2 Pyro patch this week

And a Free Weekend to try it.

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Valve has prepared a fresh dish of Pyro updates for Team Fortress 2, which will be served to you this Thursday.

Wafting their aroma up your nostrils will be three unlockable weapons as well as 35 new Steam achievements for the class - you must earn a certain amount of these to extend your arsenal.

The Pyro is the second class to be given a seeing to, after the medic got some fancy new guns earlier in the year.

On top of this, Valve is chucking a pair of user-created maps in to show you what your friends have been busy making.

While you wait for that, Valve is readying a Meet the Sniper video for release later today. These often contain humour.

Last but not least is another Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend this week to give you a chance to try out all the fresh bits.

There's no word on if and when these updates will come to consoles.

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