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Take-Two acquires Illusion Softworks

Mafia team now 2K Czech.

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Take-Two has made Mafia developer Illusion Softworks one of the family.

Its acquisition will see it rebadged as 2K Czech, but otherwise little will change, with work set to continue on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC gangster sequel Mafia II.

Illusion was also responsible for the Hidden & Dangerous franchise, and currently has more than 200 people on the pay roll.

Mafia is a third-person action game from 2002 that caused you lot to argue with us about its score. Unsurprisingly, you play a criminal struggling to make a name for yourself in the world of 1930s America, in a city resembling a cross between Chicago and New York.

Writer Daniel Vavra is back to flesh out the sequel, which will take place years later in the 1950s.

It looks good, too, as you can see in our Mafia II gallery.

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