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Take a look at this impressive Fallout 76 live-action fan film

Nuke kid on the block.

If you're still impatiently awaiting Amazon's live-action take on the Fallout universe, you might like a look at a newly released Fallout 76 fan project, admirably capturing the ambience of Bethesda's long-running series without, I assume, a budget of 150m Bezosbucks.

Created by YouTube channel Infectious Designer (which has also produced live-action shorts inspired by the likes of Half-Life, Killzone, and Watch Dogs), the Fallout 76 concept trailer serves up two minutes and 35 seconds of impressively realised Fallout splendour, replicating the series' distinctive retro-futuristic aesthetic both before and after the nuclear apocalypse.

Now, I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on Fallout 76 - about the only thing I can say with any confidence is that it's the 76th game in the Fallout series - but even to my eyes there's some lovely attention to detail in Infectious Designer's concept trailer, ranging from an authentic Pip-Boy and a hulking Vault suit to what I think is a CGI Scorchbeast. Oh and there's enough Nuka-Cola to rot the teeth clean out of your skull.

Fallout 76 - Live Action Concept TrailerWatch on YouTube

"I get it," Infectious Designer writes beneath the video. "Fallout 76 had a rough launch, but it doesn't discount the memorable experience of stepping out of Vault 76 for the first time and exploring the Appalachian wasteland with friends. Exploring, building and pausing to take an epic photo amongst the chaos was fun. The world was beautiful and the adventures were abundant if you were willing to look for it. There’s definitely something s.p.e.c.i.a.l about this game. This video is the manifestation of the inspiration I found."

Infectious Designer then closes by dedicating the fan film to "the bloodied wanderers who found beauty in a broken world, and those with the unyielding belief to build it."

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If you're curious to see some of the work that went into the Fallout 76 concept trailer, Infectious Designer has also shared a brief behind-the-scenes look at the project on YouTube.

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