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Switch gets the original SteamWorld Dig next month

All mine.

Image & Form's SteamWorld Dig - that is, the original one and not the recently released sequel - is coming to Switch on February 1st, the developer has announced.

It's an admittedly slightly backward way of going about things, what with SteamWorld Dig 2 having already made its way to Switch last September, but it's excellent news, nonetheless. The original is enormously enjoyable, and its arrival on Switch means that three of the four currently released SteamWorld games (the other being SteamWorld Heist) are now available on the platform. That just leaves ageing DSiWare title SteamWorld Tower Defense to go!

Although equally mining-based, the original SteamWorld Dig, first seen on 3DS back in 2013, is a little bit different to its sequel. For starters, it has a new protagonist, with Rusty the robot filling the space that would be occupied by Dorothy in the second game.

And while the sequel took a more traditional, handcrafted approach to its downward exploration action, the first offered procedurally generated mines; layouts are randomised with each new playthrough, adding a touch of the unexpected and scope for returns visits.

Eurogamer contributor Chris Schilling called SteamWorld Dig "the best kind of surprise", in his 8 out of 10 review, saying it's "a game with substance, challenge and no little charm".

Image & Form says that SteamWorld Dig will cost $9.99 / €9.99 when it reaches the Switch's eShop on Thursday, February 1st. A UK price has yet to be revealed.