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SteamWorld Heist HD is coming to PS4 and Vita this month

UPDATE: Delayed one week, but will release alongside Steam version.

UPDATE 02/06/2016 5pm: SteamWorld Heist has been pushed back a week on PS4 and Vita with a release date now set for 8th June in Europe (and 7th June in the Americas).

The good news is that the Steam version will launch alongside the PlayStation versions with a worldwide launch on 7th June.

The Outsider DLC - which adds new levels, hats, weapons and a playable character - will be available at launch on all platforms for €4.99 / $4.99.

ORIGINAL STORY 17/06/2016 10.39pm: SteamWorld Heist, the plucky robot pirate strategy game from SteamWorld Dig developer Image & Form, is coming to PS4 and Vita on 31st May in a suped up HD version.

This full HD upgrade will run at 1080p with 60 fps. You can see some footage of it in action in the announcement video below:

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The PlayStation versions will cost £15.99 / €19.99 $19.99 and offer Cross-Buy support between Sony's platforms. Those in Europe and Australia can snag it for 15 per cent off and pre-order it now, while Americans will have access to the promo at launch.

Furthermore, the game's The Outsider DLC will be available from day one.

Looking ahead, SteamWorld Heist will be released on Steam "very, very, very, very soon after" the PlayStation release. Xbox One, Wii U and iOS version will follow.

SteamWorld Heist launched last December for 3DS, where our Chris Donlan recommended it.

"SteamWorld Heist is filled with wit and invention," he wrote in his SteamWorld Heist review. "Like any master burglar, it's plundered wisely, but it's got plenty of its own tricks to balance that out."

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