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Superhot is getting a card game spin-off


Experimental first-person shooter Superhot is getting a card game spin-off.

That may seem really bizarre for a game thats appeal lies in its unique mechanic where time only moves when you do, but Polish tabletop company Board and Dice along with veteran game designer Manuel Correia (Agent Decker) are seeking to adapt that idea into a tabletop game.

"Bullet passes you by millimeters. A dozen more come from all directions. Armed red guys are everywhere. You take a breath. You check your options. You play a card," the developer teased on its official site.

"Play your cards well. Take your time. Because time moves only when you move."

More details will be revealed in December when the Superhot card game launches a Kickstarter campaign.

Superhot launched in February on PC and Mac before migrating to Xbox One in May. Our Chris Donlan really dug it. "This is that rare piece of charmingly curated violence that dares to provoke difficult thoughts," he pondered upon recommending it in his Superhot review.