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Superhot flares up on PS4 this Wednesday

VR version arrives the same day, as a separate release.

Time-bending FPS Superhot is coming to PS4 on 19th July in Europe.

Our North American friends will receive it two days later on Friday, 21st July.

As is the case on PC, Superhot on PS4 will have VR support, but only if you buy the version tailored for that, Superhot VR.

Both Superhot VR and regular Superhot go for ‎£19.99, though their combined Mind is Software bundle costs £32.99.

The premise behind the game is simple: time only moves when you do. Though looking around is still considered movement, albeit a mild one that only causes timid shifts in time.

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We recommended Superhot upon its PC launch last year. "This is that rare piece of charmingly curated violence that dares to provoke difficult thoughts," our Chris Donlan said in his Superhot review.

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