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Streamer completes Elden Ring with a custom Bop-It toy

Marg-it! Godr-it! Malen-it?

Bop it! Twist it! Pull it! Not phrases you'd generally associate with Elden Ring, but that's changed thanks to streamer Swoop Douglas who completed the game with a Bop-It toy.

The streamer completed the All Bosses run at the end of March, sharing a clip on Twitter.

A Bop-It Extreme 2 was used, allowing for just five inputs, which certainly adds to the challenge beyond the unique device.

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"I had never actually beaten all of the bosses in Elden Ring before attempting to do it on a Bop-It," Douglas told PC Gamer.

"And I had eventually gotten to a point where I felt more comfortable on the Bop-It than a normal controller. I think it had to do with having no choice but to use more focus while playing on a Bop-It that made me actually better versus a normal controller. And yes, after this run, I held an Xbox controller and it felt absolutely foreign."

The streamer has shared his journey across The Lands Between, explaining in his first video how he hooked up the toy and wrote software to make it compatible with the game. "And it sucks!" he joked.

But over time, he got good enough with the limited inputs and lack of camera controls.

"I've been playing Souls games for thousands of hours and wanted a fresh/unique challenge for the game and after some brainstorming decided combining it with some childhood nostalgia would be the most fun challenge I could do," said Douglas. "I never had my own Bop-It as a kid but a kid in the neighbourhood had one and I would always find an excuse to go over and play it."

Douglas follows a whole host of streamers who have played Elden Ring with bizarre controllers: from Fisher Price toys, to a Ring Fit controller.

Then there's MissMikkaa who's done a one hand run, a dance pad run, a simultaneous controller and dance pad run, and even a guitar run. And she's still going - she's currently working on a one finger run.

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