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Stalin vs. Martians out on Wednesday

Arcade RTS title to cost less than 20 quid.

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Mezmer Games has announced its latest PC offering, Stalin vs. Martians, will be released on Wednesday 29th April.

Billed as a "not-so-epic RTS game", Stalin vs. Martians sees you playing as the Red Army. The game is set in 1942 during an Alien invasio, and it's your job to see the intruders off. Mission briefings are delivered by funny old mass murderer Stalin himself, and he even becomes a playable unit later in the game.

"The game is ready for deployment," said Tom Söderlund, Executive Producer at Mezmer Games. "Fans of historically inaccurate World War II games everywhere will rejoice."

Stalin vs. Martians will be available via all manner of digital distribution portals including GamersGate, Direct2Drive and Impulse. According to Steam it'll carry an RRP of GBP 16.99, but you can pre-order via the Steam Store for GBP 13.59.

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