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Splitgate adds map maker, new modes and battle pass next week

Beta Season 1 finally arrives.

Breakout shooter success Splitgate will finally roll out its big Beta Season 1 update next Thursday, 27th January.

In a press release today, developer 1047 Games detailed several major additions due at that point, including a custom map creator and a new 100-level battle pass.

Two fresh game modes will also be added to the mix: Evolution, an offering that buffs losing team loadouts for the next round, and One Flag Capture-the-Flag, which is fairly self-explanatory.

Cover image for YouTube videoSplitgate Beta Season 1 Announcement Teaser

Meanwhile, Splitgate's map editor will let you create, co-create and share maps with friends. 1047 Games boss Ian Proulx said the editor would "continue to evolve alongside the rest of the game", but would arrive with the ability to place objects, weapons, spawns, blocks, portal walls and more.

Splitgate is a sci-fi competitive first-person shooter that's like a cross between Halo and Portal. It launched via an open beta last August for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, and remains in beta now while it adds new features. After a big launch which saw its servers struggle, 1047 Games announced it had secured $100m in funding.

"The weight of Halo with a neat borrowing from Valve makes this a shooter to remember," Vikki Blake wrote in Eurogamer's Splitgate review. "If you've ever had fun with an old-school Halo game, you owe it to yourself to give this a go."