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Splitgate gets mantling

Lift off.

Splitgate now has mantling.

The popular Halo-meets-Portal first-person shooter got a big update overnight that added the new mantling feature. This is designed as a jetpack boost, so there is no first-person animation that interferes with aim/gunplay, developer 1047 Games explained. You can turn it off in settings.

Here's how the mantling looks:

Meanwhile, Splitgate now has Nvidia Reflex support. This means PC players using Nvidia GPUs "will shave precious milliseconds off reaction times", 1047 Games said. The tech is not available on consoles.

Elsewhere, there are voice chat improvements that mean voice chat should no longer drop out across platforms during a match, new featured playlists have been added that rotate each weekend with different modes, and the geometry bug causing crashing on the Karman Station map and keeping it out of rotation has now been fixed.

The patch notes have everything else.

Splitgate was set to launch proper in July on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but 1047 Games delayed its release to August because the open beta was so popular.

The free-to-download shooter saw more than 10m downloads in under 30 days, and shot up to more than 175,000 concurrent players in just a few weeks. It's now at more than 13m downloads (check out Eurogamer's Splitgate review for more). 1047 Games recently received $100m in funding, which will help grow the company and the game.

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