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Splitgate adds custom matches

Split rules.

Custom matches have been added to popular online shooter Splitgate.

The Portal-inspired game is still in open beta, with an official launch in 2022. However, players have until 30th November to finish the battle pass for Season 0 as a new season begins in December.

A new patch notes video details the custom matches additions.

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Players will now be able to design their own matches within the various match types, such as deathmatch, king of the hill, capture the flag and more.

Tweaking map, player, mode and team options, players can create multiple variations of the game to keep it fresh, before saving them as presets to replay later.

Those tweaks can be asymmetric too, meaning two teams could have vastly different options: supercharged health but no portals for one team, and portal use but weak health for the other.

Splitgate is free-to-play and has had over 15m downloads, with a tonne of content already available. The introduction of custom matches will add plenty of longevity before the game's true launch next year.

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