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Spider-Man 2's New York City has denser traffic, new screenshots suggest

Driving up the wall.

Miles and Peter in Spider-Man 2
Image credit: Insomniac

Spider-Man fans have been comparing Insomniac's vision of New York from the previous game with forthcoming Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

A new article from the New York Times explores the game's recreation of the city and includes some brand new screenshots.

In particular, a screenshot of Times Square features sharper lighting and increased traffic density.

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Fans on social media have since been comparing screenshots with the previous game to see the upgrade.

I swung into Times Square myself in spin-off Miles Morales to remind myself how dense traffic was previously. While I was there during the day, the traffic density was noticeably less than in new image of Spider-Man 2.

Miles Morales in Times Square
It's certainly less busy than in reality. | Image credit: Eurogamer / Insomniac

Back in May during a PlayStation Showcase, Insomniac revealed gameplay of the new game for the first time. However, some fans were disappointed that the visuals didn't immediately appear to be a vast improvement over the previous game.

It seems, however, that the improvements will be in smaller details such as lighting and traffic density, at least looking at these latest screenshots.

The city will also be much larger and will include both Queens and Brooklyn this time around.

For more on Marvel's Spider-Man 2, check out Victoria's rundown of the latest trailer and possible story points.

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