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Space Marine 2 discussions have begun

Relic wants to challenge "the big boys".

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Space Marine developer Relic Entertainment has begun early talks on a potential sequel.

Discussions are "literally, just starting" Relic marketing manager James McDermott told Eurogamer last week.

"We have an internal gating process and we'll already be talking about whether we put [Space Marine 2] into that."

While discussions have begun, a sequel to the September third-person shooter is yet to be approved.

"Whether we make it or not will be dependant on how well the game does and then also how good the concept is for number two," McDermott said.

But, according to McDermott, the Space Marine development team already has ideas in place.

"We'd be in a really good position to do something quite impressive and give the real big boys a run for their money. That's what we feel.

"The first one, don't get me wrong, it's a great game. It's just we already see the potential of where we can go next as game developers, because we always want to up our game."

Space Marine sees a squad of Ultramarines take on Chaos Marines and Orks on an Imperial Forge World in a race for a super weapon called a Warlord Class Battle Titan.

What does Relic have in mind for the sequel?

"We've got an interesting area we've already identified within that world that might make a compelling sequel," McDermott replied.

"Look at some of the more popular fiction within the 40k universe. We're looking at that stuff carefully. There's one particular one, which we're like, that would make a really good video game. A really interesting video game."

How cryptic.

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