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Sony reportedly set to unveil new PlayStation 5 "pro" controller soon

With removable sticks, paddles, and more.

A new report has claimed Sony is working on a "pro" controller for PlayStation 5 that it's planning to officially unveil "soon".

That's according to the ever leaky Tom Henderson who, writing for Try Hard Guides (thanks VGC), claims to have seen images of a prototype from a source wishing to remain anonymous.

Henderson says the new controller retains the same basic style of the existing PlayStation 5 controller but features a number of key differences. These include "removable stick units" - which can be switched in and out using buttons below the analog sticks - plus trigger stops, a seemingly removal grip, and rear buttons that Henderson describes as "flappy paddles", presumably similar to those seen on the likes of Microsoft's Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

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Henderson says his source referred to Sony's new hardware as the "PS5 Pro Controller", although it's unclear if this will be its official name, and notes it will have "significant software upgrades".

According to Henderson, the new controller should be revealed "soon", with one possibility being it will be revealed alongside several other bits of new hardware toward the end of June.

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