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Sony planting trees for players of Horizon Forbidden West

Spruce up the planet.

Sony plans to plant trees for players of Horizon Forbidden West.

As part of its Play and Plant initiative, Sony will plant a tree for every player who receives the Reached the Daunt trophy in the game.

In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, Sony will contribute to three reforestation projects in the US: Douglas County Forest, Sheep Fire Private Lands, and Torreya State Park.

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Players will have until 25th March to earn the trophy, which is unlocked early on as part of the main story.

It's estimated that 288k trees are required to complete each reforestation project; with the estimated sales of Horizon Forbidden West, this seems like a very achievable goal.

It's not just the US though. Sony is supporting similar ecological projects across the world to promote the game.

In the UK, the Eden Project Biomes dome in Cornwall will be lit up to reflect Aloy's Shieldwing, and a 12-acre wildflower habitat will be planted in Morecambe, Lancashire.

The Eden Project is home to the National Wildflower Centre. Wildflower meadows have seen an estimated 97 percent loss in England and Wales since the 1930s.

PlayStation France is also taking part in the tree planting project.

Both Horizon games have something of an ecological message, so the promotion is fitting.

Horizon Forbidden West is out on PlayStation consoles on 18th February. It's a "gorgeous sequel that continues to borrow more than it adds," Malindy wrote in Eurogamer's Horizon Forbidden West review.