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Sons of the Forest new cave location in Patch 2

Where to find this new cave system.

There was a new cave system added to Sons of the Forest as part of Patch 2 that released on 24th March, 2023.

Although the cave system is new, it's actually found in a cave that was already available in Sons of the Forest, it's just been expanded into a huge area to explore, which now contains the Golden Armor, amongst other resources.

We've got the new cave location for Patch 2 of Sons of the Forest below, so you can get more resources and items.

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Sons of the Forest new cave location in Patch 2

The new cave is located in the southwestern area of the map, under the snowy mountain, at the edge of a large lake that connects to the lake with five rivers running from it.

The cave entrance is in the lake itself, under the mountain. You'll know it's the right one when you see two corpses dressed in white outside of it. There's a book beside these bodies that you might want to pick up to discover some more potential Sons of the Forest lore.

Before setting off on your journey to the new cave system added in Patch 2, however, make sure you have the Rebreather, and plenty of food, water, and ammo for your best weapons.

The new cave layout is a lot bigger than it used to be, with underwater sections and plenty of tough enemies to battle on your way through it.

It's also worth keeping in mind that there are multiple ropes that you need to climb down, or up, to explore the cave. So, if you ever find yourself lost in one of its many caverns, have a look for some rope hanging off the edge of a drop.

Inside the cave, we came across lots of boxes and containers with helpful supplies like rope, energy drinks, tape, and batteries.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of this new cave system is that it now contains the Golden Armor, which you need to currently complete the end of the story content available. This Golden Armor was previously located in a bunker on the southeastern side of the island, which you still need to visit to get the Golden Mask.

The Golden Armor is now found in this new cave system, on a skeleton.

For more help navigating the island, we've got pages on weapon locations, Hang Glider locations, where to get the shovel, and a building and crafting explainer.

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