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How to get and drink water in Sons of the Forest, including flask location

Where to find this essential resource.

You have to get water in Sons of the Forest to stop being thirsty, or you will get dehydrated.

The best methods to find water in Sons of the Forest differ slightly from its predecessor, The Forest.

To help you stay alive longer on the island, we've detailed how to get water in Sons of the Forest, including the flask location, and how to make a Rain Catcher.

Update: The Rain Catcher was added after Patch 2 was released on 24th March, 2023! We've updated our guide to reflect this new information.

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How to get and drink water in Sons of the Forest

There are a few different ways you can get water in Sons of the Forest, including:

  • Drinking from lakes, rivers, and ponds.
  • Using the Rain Catcher.
  • Drinking energy drinks.
  • Eating foraged foods like berries and yarrow.
  • Drinking from your flask.

Drinking from lakes, rivers, and ponds

The best, most consistent way to get water is by drinking from a water source like a lake, river, or pond. To drink the water here, you need to approach it, or crouch, until the 'E' prompt appears. One or two drinks should fill your thirst bar back to the top very quickly.

Using the Rain Catcher

As of the second major update to Sons of the Forest, you can now use Rain Catchers to get water!

Also known as Water Collectors, you can get a Rain Catcher by crafting together:

  • x1 turtle shell.
  • x16 sticks.

Sticks are usually found on the ground near trees, but you need to go hunting on beaches and kill a turtle to get its shell. We found a large group of turtles in the western beach, which is near the pistol location.

Once you've crafted the Rain Catcher and placed it, it will then fill up with water when it rains in the game, and you can drink from it as a water source.

Drinking energy drinks

We also recommend picking up as many energy drinks as you can hold, as consuming one not only counts as drinking water, but as a food and rest source too, filling up all your bars slightly with one can. We've found they're best used when exploring caves, as you're never quite sure whether exploring one is going to be a long or short journey.

Eating foraged foods like berries and yarrow

It's not the best way to get water, but we've also found you can also raise your thirst bar very slowly by consuming foraged foods like berries and yarrow. You'll have to eat a lot to make a difference, but if you find yourself without any other water source, they can stave off dehydration until you find one.

Drinking from your flask

Lastly, we highly recommend you get your hands on the flask, as it allows you to store water collected from a water source - very handy if you find yourself in an area without one for an extended amount of time.

Sons of the Forest flask location

To find the flask in Sons of the Forest, you need to locate a 3D Printer. There are more on the island, but we found one easily in a bunker on the west side, just northwest of the lake that has five rivers running into it.

This is a good location to find a printer.

This bunker is also where you need to use one of the keycards in, and is marked as a green circle on your GPS locator. You'll know you're close to the bunker when you see a golf cart covered in vines.

Just a short walk into the bunker and you'll find the 3D Printer in a small room by a laptop. Use the laptop until the flask shows on the screen, then hold 'E' to print one.

You need 100ml of Printer Resin to make a flask at a printer, but there should already be a lot in the printer if this is your first time using it. If not, search the shelves in a room with a printer and you should find some.

Now that you have a flask, you can use it at water sources to collect water.

Good luck surviving in Sons of the Forest!